The Beta Theta Boulé Foundation Fatherhood Excellence

Past Fatherhood Excellence Honorees

2023 Honorees (Click the name of the honoree to view their Bio)

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2023 Honorees

Biography Roland A. Dykes III.pdf

Biography Gary L. Johnson.pdf

Biography Alvin Nance.pdf

Biography Frank Rothermel.pdf

2022 Honorees

Biography Richard Briggs.pdf

Biography Stephen L. Davis.pdf

Biography Diondre Jackson.pdf

Biography Clarence Williams.pdf

2021 Honorees

Biography Pastor Derrick Hammond.pdf


Biography Tim Romero.pdf

Biography Clarence Vaughn.pdf

2019 Honorees

Dr. Harold T. Conner, Jr.

Anthony Duane Hancock

Dr. Joseph Kendrick

2018 Honorees

Logan Hill

Anthony Ingram

Pastor Joseph Tolbert

Williams (posthumously)

2017 Honorees

Elder Christopher R. Battle, Sr.

Reginald Jenkins

Adriel McCord

Willie Garfield Wilson

 2016 Honorees

Pastor Daryl W. Arnold

Dr. Charles Crowe

Steve Diggs

Valentino Jefferson

Todd Kelly, Sr.

Knoxville Police Chief David B. Rausch

State Representative Rick Staples

George Williams (posthumously)